Dr. Tiffany Jana
Non-binary Best-Selling Author, Bias Hunter, B Corp Founder, TEDx, Inc.com Top 100 Speaker, Pleasure Activist, Blue-haired Maverick, Champion of the People

A poem about a mother’s love

Source: Canva.com

The last time I loved a roller coaster
was the first time I was in a commercial.
The rush from that superficial milestone masked
a corkscrew in the universe that flipped
the dimensions and expressions
of my world.

After my ninth whirl around
the Alpengeist (nod to the ghosts

A Poem

Source: Canva.com

Learning to appreciate simplicity
Can feel like a luxury.
Life having both sped up
and slowed down,
I’ve come to relish the comfort
of a hot bath.

In childhood
washing was required.
It tasted a lot like vegetables did back then.
Equally nourishing
despite my resistance.

In young adulthood
the first…

Don’t despair, release your inner child instead

Source: Canva.com

Toddlers have it right. That glorious season in early childhood when kiddos explore through play and outwardly expressed silliness. Most young folx have it, until and unless they experience childhood trauma. Children before trauma, and miraculously, during and sometimes after, often survive by being silly. …

Dr. Tiffany Jana

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