Dr. Tiffany Jana
Non-binary Best-Selling Author, Bias Hunter, B Corp Founder, TEDx, Inc.com Top 100 Speaker, Pleasure Activist, Blue-haired Maverick, Champion of the People


  • JoinAForceForGood


    #RealGood is inspired by A Force For Good by Daniel Goleman & focused on sharing compassionate acts big & small. Share #RealGood someone has done for you.

  • Katie McCraw Laws

    Katie McCraw Laws

  • S.J.S.P


    S.J.S.P is a spirit forward digital social justice community that hosts quarterly conscious events w/ a focus on building local community initiatives.

  • Renata Henderson

    Renata Henderson

  • Seth D. Myers

    Seth D. Myers

    American conceptual artist and arts educator. His work has exhibited at the Moscow MoMA and screened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.

  • Jean-Gardy Moïse

    Jean-Gardy Moïse

  • Michelle Spencer

    Michelle Spencer

    Passionate about project-based learning, equity & educational reform. Founder of Clovereducation.com, consultant to schools, districts and edtech companies.

  • Kathy Robins

    Kathy Robins

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