Sustaining the Antiracist Momentum of the Summer of 2020

Don’t let your allyship fizzle out with the protests


What’s next?

There are far fewer protests to attend a year after American parks and thoroughfares were swollen with modern freedom fighters. Social media has settled into a steady chatter with a consistent smattering BLM banter. Those of us who work in justice related fields were given a welcomed platform to amplify our messages. But what of the new allies who just found their Antiracist footing? What happens with the people who just woke up to the realities of racism when the momentum shifts and the voice of the crowd fades into the background? That tidal wave of righteousness captivated millions who would have otherwise stayed silent. The new allies need outlets and avenues to keep accelerating the movement. We needed you in the streets and we need you in the game now.

Non-binary Best-Selling Author, Bias Hunter, B Corp Founder, TEDx, Top 100 Speaker, Skier, Pleasure Activist, Blue-Haired Maverick

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